Oulun Seudun Vinttikoiraharrastajat ry
Sighthound activities since 1975

The Oulu Region Sighthound Club (Oulun Seudun Vinttikoiraharrastajat ry, OSVKH) was founded in 1975 in Oulu, northern Finland. OSVKH is a member of the Finnish Sighthound Association and Finnish Kennel Club. We organize events for all FCI sighthound breeds (about 20 breeds in FCI 10 & 5).

The purpose of our club is to organize and promote sighthound-related activities in Oulu area. Every year, we have activity in (international or national) dog shows, FCI track racing and lure coursing: official events, training, and open events for all breeds.

During the summer season we organize weekly racing training and occasional lure coursing training for our members and anyone interested in sighthounds or trying these sports. Racing is organized at Virpiniemi sand track in cooperation with Virpiniemi Greyhound Club.

FCI sighthound trials and dog shows are very popular in Finland:

  • Lure coursing 2014: 20 breeds, 870 dogs, 4315 starts
  • Track racing 2014: 16 breeds, 631 dogs, 1962 starts
  • Dog shows: about 200 000 entries a year (2012)
For participation in racing and coursing trials, a valid FCI licence is required.

We wish you warmly welcome to our events, and hope we can help you with any questions!

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